10 Signs Your Parents or Loved Ones Need Assistance at Home

  • Not paying household bills on time
  • Not recognizing need for, arranging, or scheduling necessary household repairs and maintenance (not mowing the lawn)
  • Driving safely becomes an issue (increase in traffic tickets and accidents)
  • Missing meals or not preparing meals (old expired food is in the fridge)
  • Declining personal hygiene (poor oral hygiene, body odor, unshaven)
  • Lack of keeping up with household chores (laundry or cleaning)
  • Losing track of medications, missed doses, overdosing
  • Unwillingness to leave the house to run errands or visit with friends
  • Unable to get up and down steps , dizziness and falls have occurred
  • Not making sound decisions that are likely to cause self harm or danger to others (leaving the stove turned on)
Posted on March 28, 2010