Lacey’s Blog: Groundhogs Have Their Own Day?

My fellow Americans, is it right what I heard?

A day for the Groundhog, it’s almost absurd.

A somnolent rodent barely awake from the freeze,

May turn in his tracks to catch some more ZZZ’s?

His actions predict the weather and you’re enamored; despite…

A meteorologist never has to be right.

My Cypress co-workers scolded my cynical air;

Remember our core values, Compassion and Care.

Embrace optimism beyond a shadow of a doubt,

And name a day to celebrate — isn’t that what life’s about?!



There is time set aside for my distinguished breed.

Out of all working dogs, it’s an honor indeed.

 How could I be bitter, what do other service dogs say…

That the first Monday in September is Labrador Day?

Posted on February 1, 2013