New Assistive Technology for the Elderly

Some of the best new technology that assists older individuals and their caregivers is actually incorporated into popular products on the general market. Caregivers can use devices such as smartphones, fitness trackers or smart watches to help older relatives track health or daily activities. Those same devices let elderly individuals maintain some of their independence […]

Posted on August 31, 2016

How to make your home homecare ready

   How to Make Your Home Homecare Ready Approximately 6.3 million senior citizens require living-assistance care. Several studies indicate this number could increase to 13 million, by 2050. Many family caregivers need help: The physical and emotional responsibilities of caring for your loved one are often overwhelming. The personal agenda or situation, of the family caregiver […]

Posted on August 17, 2016

Qualities of the best caregivers

Top Qualities of Excellent Caregivers Choosing a caregiver for an elderly loved one is a huge decision, and it’s common for relatives to become overwhelmed with the relevant information and concerns. Starting with a checklist of excellent qualities to look for in potential caregivers is one way family members can reduce the chance of hiring […]

Posted on August 3, 2016

Your guide to making the most of home-care

One of the most popular healthcare programs is in-home healthcare. This is a perfect solution for those seniors who prefer staying in their own homes rather than moving into assisted living or healthcare facilities. Here are four ways you can make the most of home-care, and benefit from affordable home care services in Paradise Valley. […]

Posted on July 15, 2016

Senior Companionship and In Home Care

We all get older every year – it’s just a fact of life. Suddenly, a family member is in need of medical services, and you may not know where to turn. Will you be the one providing the care? Will you need to hire home helpers? Will your loved one need to move into a […]

Posted on June 17, 2016

Hobbies: Activities for Dementia Care

Dementia impairs memory, thinking, and behavior. Its most common form, Alzheimer’s, is diagnosed in 50-80%  of  all dementia cases. It may start out mildly at first, where one has trouble recounting names or can’t remember simple things. Once diagnosed, dementia will worsen over time, and people who have it will, inevitably, look to restrict their […]

Posted on June 3, 2016

Caregiver Burnout: Taking Care of Yourself, First

Taking care of an older family member is a wonderful thing. There are many positives that go along with being there for a favorite grandmother or elderly father. These were the loving ones who took care of you when you needed it most, you think to yourself, and now it’s time for me to give […]

Posted on May 20, 2016

Activities for caregivers to do with patients who have dementia or Alzheimer’s

Developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t need to mean that life as you know it must cease. There are many ways to still enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Whether it’s family or a caregiver, there are ways to deal with the complications that Alzheimer’s or dementia can bring to an individual. Quality of life is achievable […]

Posted on May 6, 2016

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare has come a long way over the past few years as more and more patients and their families are opting to hire in-home services as a convenient option of  caregiver respite. Employees of a home health care agency in Scottsdale, can come from either a medical or non-medical background as long as they have received […]

Posted on April 15, 2016

Caring for Seniors at Home

When your loved one reaches a certain age and can no longer live a completely independent life, some tough choices will need to be made. Watching a family member’s health and cognition deteriorate can be a heart-breaking experience but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. At-home care for seniors offers a wide variety […]

Posted on April 1, 2016