Jannice Gabriel, Scheduling Coordinator - Cypress Homecare

Jannice Gabriel, Scheduling Coordinator

“I’m passionate about being there for anyone needing help, both on a professional and personal level. I love having an impact on clients and caregivers and hearing the appreciation in their voices when I help them with an issue.”

As a Scheduling Coordinator, Jannice Gabriel makes sure that every client who needs care is matched up to the perfect caregiver. Her relationship-building position keeps Cypress rolling and helps give rise to our reputation. Jannice works directly with the clients and caregivers to ensure that everyone’s unique needs are being met. She has 15 years of experience in homecare/healthcare. Jannice loves what she does because she gets to help people every day and feels fulfilled in satisfying both client and caregiver needs. When she’s not working, she loves doing nail art and designs and working in her garden.