Kathleen Shiman, Marketing Communications Assistant

“I’ve always known that I wanted to be in a field where I can work to improve the community where I live and the lives of the people living in it. Cypress allows me to do this while working with fantastic people who really care about the mission. That’s the best thing about Cypress, the care.”

As the Marketing Communications Assistant, Kathleen Shiman works to make sure clients and their families, caregivers and the community are all aware of what Cypress is doing and what we have to offer. She is passionate about bettering the lives of people who are either marginalized in some way or who can’t advocate for themselves. Kathleen’s education in Public Communication and Applied Design prepared her to work with people and to create effective media to distribute throughout the community. She loves working at Cypress because she uses her creative skills while improving lives of the people in her community. When she’s not working, Kathleen loves spending time outside, listening to music, bowling and traveling.