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Cypress HomeCare Solutions’ Bob Roth Selected as CEO of the Month

A familiar face is on the cover of this month’s C Level Magazine. Bob Roth, Cypress HomeCare Solutions’ managing partner, was chosen as the January 2014 CEO of the Month. Since 2003, Bob has led the Cypress team, implementing many initiatives to improve the lives of our clients and their families. Over the years, Bob […]

Posted on January 30, 2014

Happy Holidays from Cypress HomeCare Solutions 2013!

The holiday season is an important time for us to focus on family and friends, and celebrate the relationships that give meaning in our lives. As we say goodbye to 2013, we’d like to express our gratitude for the blessings we have at Cypress. Our team has had the privilege of caring for some incredible […]

Posted on December 20, 2013

Navigating Flu Season When You Are 65 Years and Older

It’s no secret those 65 years and older are at a much greater risk of suffering serious complications from the flu then young, healthy adults. This is a result of a weakening human immune system as we age. In fact, the CDC estimates 90 percent of flu-related deaths and over 60 percent of flu-related hospitalizations […]

Posted on November 15, 2013

Coping Tips when Caring for a Loved One with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic movement disorder that worsens over time.  A multi-disciplinary approach involving medication, surgery and affordable homecare in Phoenix can help those diagnosed effectively manage their symptoms. Parkinson’s disease can vary from day to day. At times, a person may be able to function normally while other times the disease can […]

Posted on October 4, 2013

The Importance of Immunizations for Older Adults

The arrival of flu season often means getting a flu shot. For those over 65, however, the importance increases greatly: 90% of all flu deaths in the U.S. occur in the over-65 bracket. Because of this, it is recommended that seniors receive a higher-dose flu vaccine designed to work with aging systems. But the need […]

Posted on September 20, 2013

Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Bathrooms can be accidents waiting to happen especially for the elderly. Bathrooms with slippery surfaces and tubs or showers proving difficult to get in and out of, pose a high risk of slips and falls to an elderly person. However, Cypress HomeCare suggests taking preventative measures such as making small changes to the home to […]

Posted on August 9, 2013

Lacey’s Blog: Watch TV and See Me!

Tomorrow is a big day for this playful pooch — I’m going to be on TV! Yup, I have somehow wagged my way onto Sonoran Living Live, a local show here in Phoenix. I will be strutting my pet therapy stuff, with the help of my coach Susie, and showing how much I love to […]

Posted on May 9, 2013

The Rivalry Continues: University of Arizona vs. The Ohio State University

The sports rivalry continues here at Cypress HomeCare Solutions, with the University of Arizona and The Ohio State University basketball teams battling it out this week for a spot in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Men’s Tournament. Scott Spangler, Cypress’ Chief Operating Officer and Arizona alum (we won’t say what year) will be cheering […]

Posted on March 26, 2013

Cypress Leader Interviews NAHC President on the Future of Home Care

Cypress HomeCare Solutions recently welcomed the President of the National Association of Home Care and Hospice Val Halamandaris to our office. In this interview, our managing partner Bob Roth asks Val two key questions: What is the difference between home care and home health? and What is the future of home care? In Val’s response, […]

Posted on March 19, 2013

Home Care vs. Home Health – What is the Difference?

Understanding the differences between home care and home health can be confusing for individuals and family members who have yet to seek these services. For those of us in the home care and home health industries, knowing the distinction between the two is almost second nature. But for the many people who are just starting […]

Posted on December 12, 2012