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Lacey’s Blog: Fran and the Machine

Even though I am officially Therapy Dog Certified, I find that I am learning new things about caring for humans every day — along with the many objects and smells that are in people’s homes! Take for instance my last visit with my friend Fran. As soon as I walked into her home, I started […]

Posted on April 19, 2012

Lacey’s Blog: Visiting Silverado

Tuesday, I went on a very special trip to Silverado Senior Living in Scottsdale, and I sure made a whole pack of new friends during my visit! I had so much fun meeting everyone, and seeing their kind eyes and warm smiles made it that much more special. Can you believe it, they even had […]

Posted on April 5, 2012

Lacey’s Blog: Family Matters

One thing Cypress HomeCare Solutions has taught me in my last two months as a therapy dog is the importance of family. From the moment I walked in the door on my first day, I have always felt like I am working with family — not the canine variety of course, but just as loving […]

Posted on March 27, 2012

Lacey’s Blog: My Birthday Wish

Party time at the Cypress HomeCare Solutions office! This pooch just turned one (or seven, but who’s counting…), which means this “solutions” dog is ready for pet therapy action! Alright, maybe I still need to earn my Pet Therapy Certification, but since that’s only weeks away, I figure I can start celebrating. I had a […]

Posted on January 16, 2012