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About Honor

About Honor

“We joined the Honor Care Network because of our shared client and caregiver first mentality. Honor’s strength in technology will enable us to innovate new ways in delivering care.”

Why We Joined the Honor Care Network

By partnering with Honor, we’re able to focus more on providing superior client management.  With the resources of a larger company, we can run more efficiently and focus on what we really love: taking care of our clients and meeting their care needs.

What Honor Does for Us

  • Caregiver recruiting and training
  • Scheduling care for our clients
  • Regulation and Compliance Issues
  • Billing and Invoicing

What We Continue To Do For You

  • Care Management
  • Assessing New Clients
  • Fostering existing client relationships
  • Expert understanding of local care resources

Benefit for Clients

  • Expertly trained Care Professionals
  • User-Friendly app allowing for easy scheduling
  • Detailed Care Notes after each visit
  • 24/7 Care Team Support
  • More Care Pros to assist as needed

Benefit for Caregivers

  • More hours
  • Affordable healthcare benefits
  • Additional training opportunities
  • User-Friendly App
  • 24/7 Care Pro Support Team

About Honor

Honor is one of the fastest growing home care agencies in the country. They’ve invested at unprecedented levels, developing advanced operational capabilities to deliver care with exceptional quality and reliability. By partnering with Honor, we can take advantage of their sophisticated technology, resources, and operational expertise—and share them with you.