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Sheri Lathrom, Business Manager

“I learned a long time ago that even though people have similar problems, you cannot treat them the same.  No matter what a person’s situation is, mental, physical, or emotional, we are each different and unique.  Our life experiences and beliefs have caused us to act and react differently.  I need to see and know you.”

As the Business Manager, Sheri Lathrom takes care of everything from office supplies to pay checks and everything in between! In the past, she has done accounting work in counseling centers. Since raising her own daughter with bipolar disorder, she chose to volunteer through the church as a lay counselor to support and guide women as they were experiencing their own array of obstacles. Following a recommendation by a former employee or hers, Sheri’s caring and dedicated nature lead her to explore a career with Cypress HomeCare Solutions. When she isn’t working she loves reading, knitting, sewing, crocheting and embroidery. She also has a knack for being organized and truly enjoys sharing her organizational tips and tricks with others.