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Leah Sellers, Lead Scheduling Coordinator - Cypress Homecare

Leah Sellers, Director of Client Services

“I have gotten calls from family members who are often providing care for their loved one by themselves, perhaps while trying to manage a household or a career as well. Making that initial step is hard because it can come with a lot of guilt and stress. When I call back in a few weeks to follow up after a caregiver is established and I hear the relief in their voices, that is truly all the recognition I need.”

As the Director of Client Services, Leah Sellers works endlessly to make sure that the match between client and caregiver is just right. Leah has been in the healthcare field for nearly 20 years on both the clinical and administrative sides. Her CNA background provides her with insight into being a caregiver. Leah is very passionate about getting to know caregivers and clients, not only to ensure a good match, but simply to learn about people and their stories. Helping families fulfills her. When Leah isn’t working, she is creating beautiful acrylic paintings and spending time with her family, two cats and a dog!