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Lacey’s Blog: Acing the AKC Good Citizen Test

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Woof! Yes, that is a bark of excitement….because…. I passed the American Kennel Club Good Citizen Test! And boy, was it a doozie. I had to pay attention and follow all of these commands and ignore all of the distractions, including the talking bird. No joke.

With my dogged focus and determination, I aced each part of the test without a hitch. I will admit, though, that the hardest obstacle was ignoring my fetching friend Toby, my trainer’s dashing Border Collie. I really wanted to run around with him, but I just sniffed him a bit and kept my cool (he didn’t seem that interested anyway). I knew it was important for me to pass, but I just couldn’t help my snout curiosity! Overall, even though it WAS a test (and I did study!), I had a ton of fun with my trainer, owner and puppy pals.

Taking a test break to get an ear scratch (my favorite!) from my owner Susie

January has been a whirlwind of a month for me — starting my new job at Cypress, training in the office, my first birthday and passing this very important test — that I have hardly had a chance to play fetch and chew up my favorite toy. I’ve had a grrreat time though, and I wouldn’t change a single thing! I can’t wait to see what February brings, though I am guessing there will be lots of hearts and love — and hopefully plenty of visits with my human friends.


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