Find Peace of Mind with 24-Hour Home Care in Scottsdale, AZ

When it comes to your aging loved ones, we understand that you want to ensure they have the best quality of life, even if you can't be there all the time to watch over them in their own home. At Cypress HomeCare Solutions, our team of caregivers can provide your family with 24-hour home care in Scottsdale, AZ to help them maintain their independence as they age. 

Our caregivers go the extra mile to make a difference in your loved one’s life, getting to know their unique needs and preferences to create a personalized care plan dedicated to them. Whether it's personal care, memory care, or specialized services like pet therapy, our 24-hour home care services in the Scottsdale area can help your family member age with dignity in their home or senior living community.

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Our Personalized 24-Hour Care Services

At Cypress HomeCare Solutions, our goal is to provide compassionate, in-home assistance to seniors and build meaningful relationships that enrich the lives of both our clients and their families. Our caregivers in Scottsdale offer a holistic approach to delivering 24-hour home care services, meeting the complex and changing needs of your loved ones as they age. 

Cypress staffs all 24-hour in-home care cases with two separate caregivers working 12-hour shifts. It’s important to note that our overnight caregivers do not live in your family member’s home. Here is more information about our personalized 24-hour care services in the Scottsdale, AZ area:

Personal Care

At Cypress HomeCare Solutions, our personal care services offer assistance to seniors with daily living tasks around their own homes. Personal care services can be worked into any 24-hour home care service plan to best address the needs of your loved one.

Whether helping with activities like bathing, grooming, or other personal hygiene tasks, in addition to meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, or more specialized needs, we provide a respectful and skilled approach to care.

Companion Care

Companion care is an important aspect of 24-hour home care that focuses on the emotional well-being of your loved ones by relieving any feelings of loneliness. With our 24-hour home care services, companionship care services can include anything from sharing a meal, working on a puzzle together, going for a walk, or even helping with light housekeeping.

Please note that we require a 4-hour minimum visit for companion and other forms of care as well as a 12-hour per week minimum to ensure that we can provide consistent, high-quality care. At Cypress HomeCare Solutions, we aim to build meaningful, long-term relationships to meet the social and emotional needs of our clients, which in turn has a significant impact on physical health as we age.

Respite Care

We know that caregiving can be overwhelming at times, which is why we offer respite care to provide family caregivers with a well-deserved break. Respite care services allows your loved one to receive the personal care, companionship care, and any other help they need around the house with daily tasks, such as medication reminders or mobility assistance. 

Our caregivers step in seamlessly, ensuring that your loved ones receive uninterrupted high-quality care.Respite care services allow primary caregivers to continue with their personal lives knowing their family members are still getting the care they need.

Pet Therapy

Cypress HomeCare Solutions is proud to offer pet therapy as part of our 24-Hour home care services in Scottsdale, AZ. Studies have shown that interaction with pets can significantly reduce stress and improve overall emotional well-being, making it an invaluable addition to our range of services.

Ruby the Lab, our certified pet therapy dog, is a loyal, affectionate and social friend to many families and seniors in the Scottsdale community. Ruby loves to visit seniors during their home care services to brighten their day and make a new friend.

Memory Care

We understand the unique challenges posed by memory-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and incorporate memory care services into our 24-hour home care for elderly patients. Our caregivers are specially trained to provide care that is both comforting and stimulating to those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, helping them to maintain cognitive function and emotional well-being.

Additionally, we are proud to be the only home care agency in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area to participate in the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s (AFA) National Memory Screening Program. Memory screenings help with early detection and intervention for memory loss conditions, allowing an individual to get the help they need.

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Transformative Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care

Our 24-hour home care services in Scottsdale, AZ go beyond the traditional scope of caregiving to offer transformative benefits that significantly improve quality of life for both elderly loved ones and their families. By incorporating cutting-edge technology like our AI virtual care assistant, Cypress offers personalized, round-the-clock care that enhances safety and promotes independence for seniors.

Customized Care And Individual Attention

When you choose our 24-hour home care services, you're not just hiring a caregiver; you're partnering with a team of professionals dedicated to offering individualized care that respects each client’s unique needs. From meal planning tailored to specific dietary requirements to customized exercise routines, we put the focus on what matters most to you and your loved ones. 

And with our Virtual Care Assistant, you can be assured of 24/7 attention to any needs or emergencies that arise, making our service as customizable and responsive as possible. Sensi is an audio-based technology that helps track a loved one’s mental and physical state, and sends alerts only when it detects distress.

Maintaining Independence Through Overnight Care

More than a service, overnight care is a pathway to maintaining independence and comfort for your elderly loved ones in the sanctuary of their own homes. As part of our 24-hour home care services, Cypress offers vigilant overnight caregivers trained to provide anything from personal care and mobility assistance to getting immediate help if an emergency arises.

Additionally, by partnering with Sensi, we ensure that any emergency assistance is always just a moment away, giving you peace of mind and empowering your loved ones to live more freely.

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When you choose Cypress HomeCare Solutions for 24-hour home care in Scottsdale, AZ, you're not just selecting a service; you're opting for a life-enhancing experience for your elderly loved ones. 

From customized care plans and individual attention to specialized services like memory care and pet therapy, we provide a wide range of home care services tailored to meet your unique needs. With the added benefit of our Virtual Care Assistant, round-the-clock care for enhanced safety and independence is now a reality.

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