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Lacey’s Blog: My new friend Kozzy

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

If you didn’t already know, I’m not the only pet therapy pooch trying to make a difference in aging humans’ lives! Meet Kozzy (pronounced “cozy”), my new puppy pal and first professional colleague. His mom ran into my boss at a conference a couple weeks ago, and they figured we would get along great. Kozzy lives in Missouri and has been helping others through Nurses & Company for over six months. Since he’s such a pro, I figure he’ll be a great canine to call when I need some advice!

Kozzy visits people in hospice and gives them a little added love and care when they need it most. He is also pet therapy certified through Therapy Dogs International, which is where I will get my certification in the next few weeks. Maybe I can “chase” a few tips out of him! Like Kozzy, I love bringing joy and laughter to others — especially by cuddling and comforting the people I meet. I am really excited to have a new friend in the field, and hopefully one day we will be able to play some fetch together!

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