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Lacey’s Blog: Crazy about my job!

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

I have the doggone best job in the whole wide world! I love meeting new people as Cypress HomeCare Solutions’ pet therapy dog, and seeing smiles on their faces brightens my entire day every time I make a house call.

When I’m not at work all I can think about is visiting my next client and bringing them joy and laughter with my cuddles and wet nose.  I get so excited when thinking about my next visit that all I want to do is spin and jump and run with happiness! I am a very well-behaved pup when I’m on the clock, and I follow all my commands, especially SIT, DOWN and STAY; but, when I get home, and my handler lets me be AT EASE, I finally get to show how thrilled I am to be a pet therapy dog!

My handler caught me on camera the other day acting like a silly pooch, and I thought I would share with you just how excited I can get! Now you can see what’s running through my head on a daily basis — besides the neighbor’s cats.

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