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Lacey’s Blog: Countdown to the Olympics

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. Sure, I’m keeping up with my daily doggie duties — eating, sniffing, chasing rabbits and soaking up the sun by the pool. But there is something I’ve been working on that  I’m excited to announce: I’ve been preparing for the Olympics!

You are probably thinking, “Lacey is a DOG. She must know that the Olympics are for people, people who are highly trained athletes, and not for our canine friends.” While I do not disagree (well, not entirely), I do believe that a dog such as myself could compete in a number of the events, represent my country and even find a spot on the podium! After all, my boxer buddies have their own sport with boxing… if only “labing” was an Olympic event.

Anyway, through my puppy pondering, I decided that there are three events this dog could win (if I was planning on going to London that is). First, while gazing into the glistening water of the pool, I realized that I could easily master the swimming events. After all, I can launch across our pool in six seconds flat. What do you say to that, Mr. Phelps?

Next, and perhaps the most obvious, is race walking. For goodness sake, I’ve been training for this my entire life! Each morning my owner takes me around the neighborhood and park, and I am proud to say that I am the leader of the pack. No doubt I would be a pro on the race track as well.

I can even retrieve balls when swimming….you never see Olympians doing this!

Finally, I’m especially intrigued by the trampoline. Like any girl, I’m a big fan of feeling weightless; and since I consider myself a rather positive pup, I have no problem adding a bit of bounce to my step!

Realistically, I know it will take some time until the Olympic Planning Committee fully accepts man’s best friend’s invasion in human sports, so I am relegated to watching the events from the comfort of my own home. As I’m counting down the hours until the opening ceremonies tonight, I can’t help but say “watch out 2016, this lab is going for the gold!”

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