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Lacey’s Blog: Puppy Love with Power Paws

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

As the Cypress HomeCare Solutions “top dog,” I often get invited to attend D-list events (doggie-list that is). My latest appearance was last week, at the Power Paws Assistance Dog’s Yappy Hour. Between the dogmopolitans and cocktail wieners, I had the opportunity to meet many humans who had received a Power Paws assistance dog and even found a new way for my people pals to volunteer!

During the presentation, a man named Jeff Lever gave a heartwarming account of his experience with his service dog McGuire. I couldn’t help but yelp with inspiration when hearing how McGuire gave Jeff a renewed sense of purpose and outlook on life!

Perhaps I felt the most excitement when learning that people can volunteer for Power Paws as…wait for it…a PUPPY PETTER! Yup, you heard it right — my human friends can apply to give puppies a little extra love even before they can see or hear. When I was that little, I had to fight through a litter of brothers and sisters to get some one-on-one time! There is something special about the power of touch, and learning how these puppies benefit reminds me of when I go into my clients’ homes and see the smiles on their faces as they pet me. I may not have had as much human touch in my youth, but I know I’m making up for lost time as a therapy dog!

Bob and me at Yappy Hour having a howling good time!

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