Holiday Card

Wrapping up the Year with Cypress, 2018

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The holiday season is a time to reflect, show appreciation, and celebrate the special relationships that fill our lives with purpose.  When a Cypress caregiver steps into the home, we are vested in the well-being of the client and their family and we cherish this role.  The work we do is personal.  It is truly an honor to be entrusted by you for this important work we do.

Home care is serious business but it is also a celebration of the gift of aging in place with loved ones.  We bring to you our office celebration, affirming our commitment to family togetherness.

Enjoy our Holiday Rap, and know that we couldn’t wrap up the year without expressing our profound gratitude.  Thank you for being part of the Cypress Family in 2018.  Happy Holidays and our best wishes for peace and goodness in the coming year.

Performed by Bob & Susie Roth
Take my hand and meet the Cypress clan
For more in your home than just a garden gnome
Just sit back and have no fears
Cause we’ve been around for 25 years!

Performed by the Cypress Clan
Just so you know, we’re good to go
Day or night, we’ve got great insight
Love is in the air, we’ve got the flair for care
Our hearts are big in this home care gig

Performed by Leah Sellers, Sydnie Deguino & Jolee Maynard
Living at home, but need a caregiver?
Just sit tight ‘cause we can deliver.
Want someone serene to help with hygiene?
Or just a companion to do meal planning?
Want a workhorse to offer transportation?
We do it all without hesitation!

Performed by Michelle Cornelius, Reneé Rizzo & Kathleen Shiman
Looking to get out and increase mobility?
We’ll send someone with that capability
Dealing with dementia? Don’t worry, we gotcha
We get the emotions, and give solutions
Desperate for respite? Need some tranquility?
Call on Lacey for much needed pet therapy

Performed by Bob & Susie Roth
Have no illusions, we’ve got solutions
We’ll come full force ‘n’ give you a resource
We love what we do ‘cause we do what we love
Give us a chance, and we’ll fit like a glove

We’re here to help.

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