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Lacey’s Blog: My New Art-ful Friends

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Having a lovely conversation with my new friend Phoebe

Pawsibly the greatest part of my job as a therapy dog for Cypress HomeCare Solutions is making best friends each time I visit a person’s home. Last week was no exception when I got to visit with my new pals Phoebe and Herb at Arte Senior Living!

First, I must mention that I was quite impressed with my surroundings. Even at my level, I could see how art-ful the place was, with paintings and sculptures around every corner (with a name like Arte, what would you expect?). When Susie and I reached their home, Phoebe and Herb welcomed me with open arms — literally! I felt so loved, and I made sure to snuggle and get cozy with my new friends. I could see how happy they were to see me, and it brought such joy to my heart. I’m still working on some clever therapy dog tricks for my clients, so in the meantime my mom Susie has been composing Lacey-themed poems and reading them to my friends. I’ll admit that my jowls turned a shade a pink when she read her most recent rhyme, but I guess all mothers embarrass their young, right?

Anyway, I had such a wonderful time getting to know my new friends (and sniffing around the place) and I really can’t wait to make another visit soon! Maybe by then I’ll learn a few tricks and avoid some parental embarrassment…

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