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Lacey’s Blog: All Dogs Need Moms

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

If you have been keeping up with me and my pet therapy adventures, you know a few things about me, like how much I love meeting new people, making them smile and of course squeezing in a few ear scratches on my visits. But there is one thing you might not know – I have not one, but TWO moms, which I think makes me very special!

My dog-mom’s name is What’s That in the Skye, but everyone just calls her Skye. She lives in Ohio with my brothers, sisters and a lot of other family members. She took care of me when I was a really small pup, and her wet licks were my favorite! I will always remember how warm and cuddly she was when I was young, and how she made sure I got enough to eat so I could grow up to be a strong dog.

When I was 10 weeks old, I got to meet my human-mom, Susie. You may have read about Susie in my previous posts — she’s not only my mom but also my pet therapy coach! I spend most of my days with Susie, and she has taught me so much, specifically, she helps me practice my pet therapy tricks. I am getting better at saying hello to people sitting in machines, and I can even ignore food that’s not meant for me. Susie also makes sure my coat is nice and shiny before a visit so that my friends can pet me, and she reminds me to follow ALL her commands when I’m out and about. Sounds like a regular mom, right?

One of the bunnies that runs in my backyard told me that Sunday is a special day for moms, so I thought I could wish a Happy Mother’s Day to Skye and Susie on my blog! Thank you for taking good care of me, and letting me show my excitement for people. I love you both so much, and I hope I can be a good Lacey-Loo for many dog years to come!


I love my human-mom Susie!

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