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Lacey’s Blog: Happy Howl-oween!

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

There’s No Place Like Cypress HomeCare Solutions

By Lacey the Lab

Two days past a full moon night

My canine friends had quite the fright

When from the West blew in the wind

Whirling, twirling, rattling tin

A gust swept through and rocked the doors

It busted windows and shook the floors

When all of a sudden, no time to prepare,

The wind lifted the house right into the air

Up in the sky, spinning around

Our puppy palace was off the ground

Around the house dark shadows flew

A witch was cackling loudly too

We cried, we screamed, we howled in despair

Thinking we’d never get out of the air

Then came a “bump”, quite hard not a tap

We had landed somewhere far off the map

Out the front door, we were in a new place

With color and candy and room for a chase

A frock of blue gingham is how I was dressed

And my fellow canines were all quite impressed

A group of small people who spoke with high pitch

Said we had killed the wicked old witch

We then played catch with our new munchkin friends

And found a yellow road with an emerald end

Now, I love to explore, I’m able and willing

As a therapy dog, my visits are always fulfilling

But there was something missing about this new land

It was the touch and the feel of a compassionate hand

I missed my Cypress family back home

And my morning and afternoon and evening bones

So I tapped my paws together and said with conviction

“There’s no place like Cypress HomeCare Solutions

I knew in a moment I had traveled a far way

To the place where my heart will always stay

Cypress HomeCare is the place for me

So may you all have a Happy Howl-oween!

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