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Lacey’s Blog: Puppy Service Announcement for Thanksgiving

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! But after a recent personal incident, I must warn you of the dangers associated with eating — most importantly choking!

Yes, the other evening, as I was enjoying my after dinner dessert, I felt a piece of kibble get stuck in my throat. I coughed, I sputtered, I even danced a little jig in an attempt to dislodge the yummy treat, all to no avail. Then stepped in my owner Bob and, with his quick thinking, lifted my hind legs, loosening the food from my throat.

I share this experience with you as a friendly reminder (as all of my reminders are) to be careful this Thanksgiving. However, in the event of an incident such as mine, make sure you know the tricks. Bob’s Method, as I now refer to it, may have saved my life. As humans, you can also give a good pat on the back of your pooch, or even help your pup by using the canine Heimlich maneuver (though I’m not sure how licking helps in a choking situation). Also, watching what your best friend is eating is also important. Although we are full of love, some of my fellow puppy pals do lack a certain intelligence that leads them to eat things that are obviously off limits.

In conclusion, from my Cypress family to yours, human and four-legged alike, have a happy, safe and choke free Thanksgiving!

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