Celebrate National Family Caregivers Month in November

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

If you have a relative who needs in home elder care in Scottsdale, you or another family member may be acting as their personal care attendant. A personal care attendant can be a sibling, spouse, child, grandchild, or any other member of the extended family. These personal care attendants are so important to the continued health and well-being of the elderly and ill.

The month of November is National Family Caregivers month and you can celebrate by giving a card, flowers, or another token of appreciation to a family caregiver. A kind gesture, to show them how much you value what they do and to acknowledge the sacrifices they make. Try providing a meal or other service, that gives the caregiver a break, or simply spend quality time with the caregiver and your relative.

A family caregiver acting as a personal care attendant for in home elder care in Scottsdale has an often difficult duty. On top of regular household tasks and roles, a family personal care attendant is tasked with the care, support, and management of another person. Personal care attendants pay careful attention to medicine, meals, and transportation, sharing their time and energy in order to assist a person in need.

The Gift of a Break

If a family caregiver providing in home elder care in Scottsdale needs a break, private duty home care is a good option. Private duty home care gives your relative personal, individual care from a skilled professional. While private duty home care costs more than having a family personal care attendant, it may be covered by insurance. Using private duty home care allows your relative to stay on their normal routine, while offering respite for family caregivers.

Whether you use in home elder care in Scottsdale, a family caregiver, or both, your elderly or ill relative will benefit.

This November, say thank you to your relative’s personal care attendant — and if that is you, give yourself a pat on the back! The selfless work of personal care attendants makes a huge difference in the quality of life for the elderly and ill relatives, and their hard work should not go unnoticed.

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