The Caregiving Journey Inspires My Care Friends

Written by: Lauren Strait

Todd Keitz Shares His Caregiver Journey and New Community “My Care Friends”

On the latest episode of the radio show and podcast “Health Futures, Taking Stock in You”, host Bob Roth welcomed a special guest – his former college roommate Todd Keitz. Keitz is the founder of the new online caregiving community called “My Care Friends.”

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The Caregiving Journey Inspires My Care Friends

Keitz’ Personal Caregiving Experience

The idea for My Care Friends stemmed from Keitz’ own experience as a caregiver for his parents in 2018. His mother faced 17 hospitalizations over 22 months due to an autoimmune disease, and his father battled bladder cancer requiring radiation and chemotherapy treatments.
Keitz became a 24/7 caregiver juggling both parents’ health needs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This challenging journey made him realize the lack of support, resources, and training available for family caregivers thrust into this unexpected role.

Building an Online Caregiver Community

To help others walking the same difficult path, Keitz created My Care Friends – an online community and resource hub for caregivers, patient advocates, and their supporters. Launched in August 2022, the free platform allows members to join groups based on their specific caregiving needs, whether related to conditions like Alzheimer’s, end-of-life care, or general support.
“It’s about people connecting with each other who understand what the others are going through. They’re in those caregiving shoes,” Keitz explained.

In addition to the online community, My Care Friends offers offline programming through collaborations with organizations focused on caregiving education and advocacy.

The Vision for Caregiver Empowerment

Reaching More Caregivers Through Partnerships

Keitz has ambitious plans to expand My Care Friends’ reach by partnering with influential voices in healthcare and caregiving. He has already formed connections with individuals like Dr. Raj Gupta from the TV show “The Doctors” and former Wisconsin governor Martin Schreiber, who is passionate about Alzheimer’s advocacy after caring for his wife.
To further support caregivers, Keitz aims to introduce training resources like those offered by companies like Nirvan for online caregiver training. He is also exploring partnerships with the Alzheimer’s Association and other patient advocacy groups.

Advocating for Caregiver Rights and Resources

Beyond community-building and education, a key mission for My Care Friends is advocating for legislation that provides better financial support and resources for caregivers.
“Ultimately, we want to reach as many caregivers and advocates as possible,” Keitz stated. “We want to affect legislation to help caregivers get the resources they need – financial and otherwise.”

Becoming a Caregiving Ally
During the interview, Bob Roth – a veteran of the in-home care industry through his company Cypress HomeCare Solutions – emphasized the importance of recognizing and supporting the unsung heroes: family caregivers.

With over 50 million family caregivers in the U.S. and the elderly population rapidly growing, Roth stressed that “the only army we have of caregivers is family caregivers.” He encouraged listeners to be more aware of the caregivers around them and lend a helping hand through simple acts of kindness and service.

Both Roth and Keitz expressed their commitment to elevating the caregiver community through initiatives like My Care Friends. By fostering connection, education, and advocacy, they aim to empower those navigating one of life’s most challenging roles.

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