Sun Health: Caring for Arizona’s Aging Population

Written by: Lauren Strait

On the latest episode of Health Futures, Taking Stock in You, host Bob Roth welcomed guests from Sun Health to discuss their innovative programs supporting Arizona’s older adult population.

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Sun Health has been a pillar of healthcare in Arizona’s West Valley for over 60 years. What started as two hospitals has evolved into a comprehensive nonprofit organization focused on healthy aging and supporting those with dementia and memory care needs.

Key highlights from the discussion:

  1. Memory Care Navigator Program: This free service provides in-home assessments and support for families dealing with dementia. Navigators help connect people to resources, develop care plans, and provide much-needed guidance.
  2. Life Care Communities: Sun Health operates three life care communities in the West Valley, offering independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing options.
  3. Sun Health Research Institute: For over 30 years, this institute has been at the forefront of brain and major organ research, particularly focused on Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  4. Wellness Programs: Sun Health offers a variety of wellness classes, including exercise programs, nutrition counseling, and diabetes management courses.
  5. Community Education: The organization provides free educational programs on various health topics, partnering with local healthcare providers and community centers.

The guests emphasized the importance of early intervention and support for both those experiencing memory issues and their caregivers. They encouraged listeners not to wait to seek help, reminding them that no one should face these challenges alone.

As Arizona’s population ages, organizations like Sun Health play a crucial role in providing comprehensive care and support. Their focus on research, education, and hands-on care demonstrates a commitment to improving the lives of older adults in our community.

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