How to make your home homecare ready

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

   How to Make Your Home Homecare Ready

Approximately 6.3 million senior citizens require living-assistance care. Several studies indicate this number could increase to 13 million, by 2050. Many family caregivers need help:

  • The physical and emotional responsibilities of caring for your loved one are often overwhelming.
  • The personal agenda or situation, of the family caregiver has changed.
  • Unable to give a loved one the continuous care he/she deserves.

Where can family caregivers, like you find support? Whom can you trust to give honest and knowledgeable advice? Is their a solution to this dilemma?

Cypress home health care services are your reliable solution. Cypress has earned their trustworthy reputation in excelling home health care. Cypress is eminently qualified to offer a variety of affordable, in-home healthcare programs, beginning with a free assessment and interview in your home. We will work with you to ensure that all your cherished family member’s needs are satisfied, in a surpassing manner.

How Will Your Loved One Benefit?

  • Bathe, dress and feed your senior loved one
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation, including special diets
  • Laundry and light housekeeping chores
  • Monitoring medications
  • Transportation to and from doctors appointments
  • Peace of mind for you; you will be updated on your loved one’s status
  • Peace of mind for senior loved one; he/she can stay in their home, without being alone

Cypress compassionate caregivers will act as an extension of your love and concern. Your elder family member will enjoy supportive conversations with a friendly and caring companion. These advocates of in-home health care encourage critical thinking skills, participation in light exercise, and social activities.

Cypress home care solutions adhere to a comprehensive, pre-employment, screening process. Every health care worker is bonded and licensed; they receive training and certification in CPR and First Aid established by Red Cross guidelines.

Your elder family member will have the benefit of hospice services, in their home, if needed. Cypress homecare solutions offer personalized programs, for clients who suffer with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Some activities that help keep memories alive

  • Browse family photographs and videos
  • Sing old songs from church or childhood
  • Read out loud from favorite book or magazine
  • Watch old movies and TV shows

Your elder loved one deserves a healthy, caring environment that advances their wellness. Cypress home care solutions are the premiere provider of in-home care and support. Visit one of their healthcare facilities in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley today.


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