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The Future of In-Home Nursing Care with Navi Nurses

Written by: Lauren Strait

In this week’s episode of Health Futures, we sit down with Jasmine Bhatti, the co-founder and CEO of Navi Nurses. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Navi Nurses is an on-demand private-duty nursing company that is reshaping the landscape of in-home medical care. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the origins of Navi Nurses, the crucial role of nurses in healthcare, the challenges faced by patients after hospital discharges, and the promising future of in-home nursing care.

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A Personal Journey

Jasmine Bhatti’s journey into the world of nursing and healthcare innovation began with a deeply personal experience. She found her calling while caring for her grandmother following a cancer diagnosis. It was during this time that she recognized a gap in the system – the need for comprehensive post-hospitalization support that goes beyond what insurance can provide. Navi Nurses was born out of this realization, offering specialized nursing care in the comfort of patients’ homes, precisely when and where they need it. With a dedicated team of over 160 nurses, Navi Nurses fosters meaningful relationships with their clients through one-on-one care.

The Crucial Role of Nurses

During the interview, our host, Bob Roth, and Jasmine Bhatti underscore the vital role nurses play in healthcare outcomes. Nurse understaffing has become a pressing concern that can adversely affect patient safety. Bhatti reveals a startling statistic – for every additional patient assigned to a nurse, the risk of death within 30 days of discharge increases by 7%. Navi Nurses addresses this issue by providing nurses with opportunities for supplemental income and the ability to practice at the top of their license. This, in turn, leads to increased nurse satisfaction and retention, ultimately benefiting patients.

Medication Management and Beyond

One of the most significant challenges faced by discharged patients is managing their new medications. Bhatti highlights a staggering statistic: 99% of Navi Nurses’ clients experience medication errors after hospitalization. To mitigate this risk, Navi Nurses offers medication review and reconciliation services. Additionally, they ensure that patients have an appointment with their primary care provider within 7 days of discharge. Patients often receive an overwhelming amount of paperwork upon leaving the hospital, which can lead to confusion. Here, private duty nurses step in to provide clarity on the next steps and instructions.

The Future of In-Home Nursing Care

Looking ahead, Jasmine Bhatti envisions a future where hospitals expand their in-home services through the integration of technology and a growing nursing workforce. Virtual reality training is expected to play a pivotal role in preparing nurses for the challenges of in-home care. Navi Nurses is at the forefront of this evolution in Arizona, delivering personalized, patient-centered medical care right in the comfort of home.

In conclusion, this enlightening conversation offers invaluable insights for Scottsdale residents considering in-home nursing care options. Navi Nurses stands out as a reliable choice, providing on-demand access to highly qualified nurses who ensure safe transitions from hospital to home. As the nursing shortage looms, Navi Nurses also offers a flexible way for nurses to supplement their income. If you have questions or need assistance maintaining your independence, contact Cypress HomeCare today.

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