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Discover Vital VA Benefits with Attorney Marsha Goodman on Health Futures

Written by: Lauren Strait

Are you a veteran or do you know one? You won’t want to miss the latest episode of Health Futures with Bob Roth, featuring special guest Marsha Goodman, an attorney specializing in veterans’ benefits at Specific Law Firm.

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In this enlightening discussion, Marsha breaks down crucial information about VA benefits that many veterans and their families may be unaware of, including:

The Aid and Attendance program: Learn who qualifies and how this cash benefit can help offset long-term care costs.
Disability compensation: Understand the differences between VA disability benefits and Social Security Disability.
Little-known facts about qualifying service periods and presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure.
Marsha’s expertise shines as she explains complex topics in an accessible way, offering valuable insights for veterans of all ages. The conversation also touches on broader issues of aging and long-term care planning that are relevant to everyone.

Don’t miss out on this wealth of information that could make a significant difference in your life or the life of a veteran you know. Tune in to the full radio show or catch the podcast to hear Marsha Goodman’s expert advice and learn about resources that could be game-changers for veterans and their families.

Listen now and empower yourself with knowledge about these essential benefits!


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