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Navigating Arizona Hospice Care: A Deep Dive with Lin Sue Flood and Bob Roth

Written by: Lauren Strait

Unlocking Valuable Insights into Family Caregiving, Grief Support, and Volunteer Opportunities

In a recent episode of “Health Futures, Taking Stock in You,” Bob Roth, co-founder of Cypress Homecare Solutions, engaged in a compelling conversation with Lin Sue Flood, the director of community engagement at Hospice of the Valley. This insightful discussion, perfectly timed for National Hospice Month and National Family Caregivers Month in November, sheds light on the nuances of hospice care, grief support, and avenues for community involvement.

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Understanding Arizona Hospice Services: A Concept Beyond Misconceptions

Flood debunks common misconceptions surrounding hospice care, emphasizing that it’s not a physical place but a comprehensive concept and service. She also addresses the misunderstanding that choosing hospice means giving up on curative care. Roth shares his personal experiences with hospice after the loss of his stepmother and father, highlighting the impressive wraparound support provided by hospice teams.

Metacaring Program: A Unique Approach to Enhance Quality of Life

The conversation delves into Hospice of the Valley’s Metacaring program, a groundbreaking initiative allowing patients to continue disease treatments alongside hospice support. This “best of both worlds” approach, initially studied by Medicare, proved to significantly improve the quality of life. Flood explains how, even though the study period concluded, the successful program continues to benefit patients.

Expanding Community Programs: From Grief Support to Memory Care

Beyond hospice care, Flood and Roth explore Hospice of the Valley’s diverse community programs, including the New Song Center for grieving children, Ryan House respite care, and the innovative dementia campus. Roth commends the secure courtyard design of the dementia campus, emphasizing its beauty and functionality.

Redefining the Narrative: Destigmatizing Hospice Care

Flood shares her personal journey, transitioning from a career in TV news to hospice engagement after a profound experience with her father-in-law. Her visibility contributes to destigmatizing hospice, highlighting its importance in holistic healthcare.

Cypress Homecare Solutions’ Endorsement and the Role of Research

Roth proudly mentions Cypress Homecare Solutions’ 46 years of nonprofit service in the valley and confidently refers individuals to Hospice of the Valley. He encourages individuals to research hospice providers as diligently as they would for other services.

Volunteer Opportunities: Supporting the Mission of Hospice of the Valley

In closing, Flood emphasizes various volunteering opportunities, ranging from patient companionship to thrift store shifts. Former staff often return as volunteers, showcasing the deep impact of community involvement.


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