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How to Start Conversations with Aging Parents About Lifestyle and Wishes

Written by: Lauren Strait

Bob Roth, host of the radio show and podcast, Health Futures, Taking Stock in You, recently had Star Bradbury, a senior living expert and author, as a guest to discuss how adult children can have conversations with aging parents about their lifestyle and wishes. This is an important topic as many aging adults are reluctant to discuss future care plans.

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Here are some tips from their discussion:

Look for Red Flags

Start paying attention to any changes you notice that could indicate your parent needs more help. Missed appointments, lack of interest in social activities, issues managing medication, slipping hygiene, and falls are some key red flags.

Ask Questions

Ask your parents open-ended questions about their current lifestyle and wishes for the future. Don’t interrogate, but show interest and concern. Important topics include living situation, medical care, legal planning, finances, and end-of-life preferences.

Share Your Observations

Let your parents know specific observations you’ve made that show you care about their well-being. Frame it from a place of love rather than criticism. Offer to help research options to make their life easier.

Discuss Options

Have an open discussion about options for support such as in-home care, relocating closer to family, downsizing, or retirement communities. Don’t pressure, but provide information to aid decision-making.

Make it Ongoing

Check in regularly after the initial discussion. Be available to answer questions, provide resources, and assist with next steps. Keep lines of communication open as their needs change.

Do Your Planning

Make sure you have important legal documents like wills, trusts, and advance directives. This models the behavior you want from your parents and makes things easier on the family later.

Starting proactive conversations earlier allows aging parents to make decisions with clarity and puts plans in place for increased care needs down the road. Tune in to Cypress HomeCare Solutions’ Health Futures podcast and radio show for more aging advice.

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