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Bringing Elite Sports Medicine to Arizona

Written by: Lauren Strait

Banner Health has invested in creating Arizona’s top destination for comprehensive sports medicine care. I spoke with Dr. Evan Lederman, Chief of Sports Medicine for Banner Health, about their state-of-the-art Banner Sports Medicine facility and approach to caring for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Bob Roth, host of Health Futures Radio Show and Podcast, had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Lederman about what our community can expect from sports medicine here in Arizona.

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Bringing Elite Sports Medicine to Arizona

Dr. Lederman outlined the vision behind creating the Banner Sports Medicine complex, which opened in 2019 near Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. The goal was to build something unmatched in the Western United States – a centralized “one stop shop” bringing together orthopedic surgery, primary care sports medicine, physical therapy, imaging, athletic training, research and more under one roof.

The 80,000 square foot facility provides care ranging from school athletes to pros, but its services are open to recreational athletes and active adults as well. It fills a need in Arizona for sports medicine that goes far beyond just serving pro teams.

A Hub for Injury Treatment, Performance Training and Injury Prevention

At the core of Banner Sports Medicine is preventing and treating sports injuries. Their doctors and physical therapists work closely together to diagnose issues early and get patients back to activity. But they also focus heavily on injury prevention and performance optimization:

The High Performance Center uses advanced technology to assess movement and identify injury risks. Trainers then create tailored exercises to improve technique and minimize future injuries.

The center also helps athletes improve conditioning and addresses the mental side of performance through their sports psychology program – the only one of its kind in the region.

Specialized Care for an Aging Athlete Population

Arizona is home to very active older adults, from weekend warrior types to masters athletes still competing into their 70s. However, mature patients face higher injury risks if jumping back into intense training.

Dr. Lederman stressed finding the right fitness level for your current ability, not what you used to do years ago. Seeking input from athletic trainers, physical therapists or sports medicine doctors can provide expert guidance on safe ways to increase activity. They will also evaluate any new pains to determine if it warrants modified training or medical treatment.

Banner Sports Medicine represents an exciting advancement in care for Arizona’s athlete community. Whether an experienced competitor or a middle-aged novice, experts are available to help anyone meet their goals safely and get back to sport when injuries occur.

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