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Exploring FSL’s Programs and Impacts on Aging in Phoenix

Written by: Lauren Strait

Tammy Bohannon, President & CEO of FSL, Shares Insights on “Health Futures” Radio Show

On the recent episode of the “Health Futures” radio show and podcast, host Bob Roth welcomed Tammy Bohannon, President and CEO of Foundation for Senior Living (FSL), to discuss the organization’s mission, programs, and upcoming Hope in Motion event.

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FSL’s Commitment to Helping Seniors Age Safely in Arizona

As FSL celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Bohannon highlighted the organization’s focus on helping older adults age safely and independently in Arizona. With a range of programs spanning affordable housing, adult day health centers (recreations), caregiver support, and more, FSL aims to address the intersecting challenges of healthcare and housing for seniors.

Adult Day Health Centers: Combating Social Isolation

FSL’s adult day health centers, known as “recreations,” provide a vital service for seniors seeking socialization, restorative therapy, and respite for caregivers. With locations in the West Valley and Tempe, these medically licensed centers offer a safe and engaging environment for older adults to interact, participate in activities, and enjoy nutritious meals while still returning home each night.

Caregiver Support: Resources, Information, Support, and Education (RISE)

Recognizing the significant role of caregivers, FSL is expanding its RISE (Resources, Information, Support, and Education) services to offer proactive support and guidance. From navigating care options to accessing resources like the Caregiver House for hands-on training, FSL aims to empower caregivers with the tools and knowledge they need.

Upcoming Hope in Motion Event on March 19th

On March 19th, FSL will host its annual Hope in Motion event at the Arizona Biltmore. This free event aims to inspire attendees to support FSL’s mission through philanthropic giving, enabling the organization to continue serving the growing senior population in Arizona.

Contribution to Arizona’s Aging Population

With Arizona’s senior population projected to surpass the under-18 population by 2030, FSL’s programs and services are more crucial than ever. From affordable housing communities across the state to innovative programs like the Activate transitional care program in partnership with Dignity Health, FSL is committed to meeting the evolving needs of Arizona’s aging community.

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