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Revolutionizing Home Care with Sensi AI

Written by: Lauren Strait

On the latest episode of Health Futures – Taking Stock in You, host Bob Roth welcomed Romi Gubes, the CEO and co-founder of Sensi AI, a technology company dedicated to enhancing the care experience for older adults. Romi shared her insights on how Sensi AI’s innovative solution is transforming the home care industry.

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The Challenge: Workforce Shortage

One of the biggest challenges facing the home care industry is the shortage of caregivers. As Bob Roth mentioned, finding caring and compassionate workers is becoming increasingly difficult. This workforce shortage has led to rising costs, making it challenging for older adults to afford the necessary care.

Sensi AI’s Solution: Virtual Care Assistants

Sensi AI has developed a pioneering solution to address this issue. Their system utilizes audio-based devices, called “virtual care assistants,” placed in the homes of older adults. These devices stream audio data to a secure cloud, where advanced artificial intelligence models analyze the information to detect potential health concerns or changes in patterns.

Preserving Privacy

Romi emphasized Sensi AI’s commitment to preserving the privacy of their clients. The system is designed to capture only short audio snippets related to specific care events, such as potential signs of a urinary tract infection (UTI) or medication errors. Personal conversations or sensitive information are not recorded or monitored.

Early Detection and Timely Intervention

One of the key advantages of Sensi AI’s technology is its ability to detect potential health issues at an early stage. By analyzing patterns in activities like bathroom visits or cognitive changes, the system can alert caregivers and family members, enabling timely intervention and preventing escalation.

Complementing, Not Replacing, Human Care

Romi emphasized that Sensi AI’s solution is not intended to replace human caregivers but rather to complement their efforts. The technology provides a virtual presence when direct care workers are not present, ensuring that older adults are never truly alone and that their changing needs are addressed promptly.

The Future of Home Care

As the demand for home care continues to grow, Romi envisions a future where fractional care becomes more prevalent. This model would allow caregivers to provide care by the minute, rather than by the hour, enabling more efficient and cost-effective service delivery.

Embracing Technology for Better Care

In the concluding remarks, Romi encouraged listeners to embrace technology as a means to improve care processes and ensure the safety and well-being of loved ones. By combining innovative solutions like Sensi AI with new business models and operational approaches, the home care industry can overcome challenges and better support the aging population.

The episode of Health Futures – Taking Stock in You highlighted the transformative potential of Sensi AI’s technology in revolutionizing home care. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and audio-based monitoring, Sensi AI empowers caregivers and families to provide proactive, personalized care while respecting the privacy and dignity of older adults.

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