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Comprehensive Solutions for Aging Adults Who Wish to Remain in Their Homes

Written by: Lauren Strait

Bob Roth, managing partner and co-founder of Cypress Homecare Solutions, recently sat down with Deena Goldstein from Measurabilities, LLC, and Lane Hamm, CEO of AZ Mediquip, to discuss their newly formed partnership. This partnership aims to provide a comprehensive solution for aging adults who wish to remain in their homes. For the full episode of the radio show, CLICK HERE.

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The Complementary Services of Measurabilities and AZ Mediquip

Measurabilities, LLC, a family-owned business operating in the Valley for over 13 years, offers free home safety assessments conducted by licensed physical and occupational therapists. These assessments identify potential hazards and recommend clinically guided solutions to optimize safety and functionality within the home environment.

AZ Mediquip, with eight locations across Arizona, including six in the Valley, specializes in providing medical equipment solutions. Their extensive inventory includes mobility aids, lift chairs, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, and more, available for purchase or rental.

The Benefits of the Partnership

By combining their expertise, Measurabilities and AZ Mediquip can now offer a holistic approach to helping aging adults age in place. Clients can receive a comprehensive home safety assessment and immediately access the necessary medical equipment, all under one roof.

“Together, we can do that in a more holistic way,” Dena Goldstein explained. “We both share a passion for really making a difference in the community.”

Personalized Solutions and Exceptional Customer Service

Unlike impersonal online retailers, this partnership provides personalized attention and expert guidance. AZ Mediquip’s knowledgeable staff can help clients try out equipment to ensure a proper fit, and they offer installation, setup, and ongoing service.

“If you buy it from us, you’re not left with that ‘I don’t know how to use it’ or ‘I don’t know how to set it up,'” Lane Ham emphasized.

Empowering Independence and Aging in Place

The primary goal of this partnership is to empower older adults to maintain their independence and age in place safely and comfortably. By addressing potential fall risks, optimizing home safety, and providing tailored medical equipment solutions, Cypress Homecare Solutions, Measurabilities, and AZ Mediquip are working together to enhance the quality of life for aging Arizonans.

“We want to make sure the solutions are appropriate,” Deena Goldstein said. “It’s not just enough to get a solution; you have to understand why you need it, where you need it, in order for that efficacy to be there.”

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