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The Rowan Report: Navigating the Home Care Revolution

Written by: Lauren Strait

The Aging Population Tsunami

By 2050, the 85-year-old population in the United States is expected to quadruple. As this massive demographic shift unfolds, the already strained home care industry will face unprecedented challenges in meeting the escalating demand for quality care services.

Bob Roth, Managing Partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions, recently had Kristin Rowan, of the Rowan Report on the radio show and podcast to discuss this trend and everything a consumer needs to know about the homecare industry and how it will affect them.

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A Trusted Voice Amid Industry Upheaval

In the latest episode of “Health Futures, Taking Stock in You” hosted by Bob Roth of Cypress Homecare Solutions, Kristin Rowan, Owner and Editor of The Rowan Report, offered insights into how her publication is guiding the industry through this seismic transition.

The Rowan Report’s Unbiased Expertise

What began as a print magazine reviewing home health technology has evolved into a comprehensive digital hub covering regulatory updates, workforce solutions, marketing strategies, and groundbreaking innovations. Rowan emphasized the publication’s commitment to neutrality when evaluating new products and services.

“We do our best to remain as neutral as possible…that’s one of the things that Tim [her father and the founder] established early on in his relationships with tech providers.”

Empowering a Strained Workforce

With a redesigned website offering robust search capabilities, The Rowan Report curates resources to help agencies streamline operations and alleviate administrative burdens on overstretched staff. “The solution is not more people because they’re just not there,” Rowan stated. “But the solution is collaboration to better utilize the people that you have.”

The publication explores leveraging AI, voice technologies, automated claims processing, and outsourcing to reduce paperwork and maximize efficiency, enabling care professionals to concentrate on frontline patient care.

Preparing for the Age Wave

As the population ages, The Rowan Report recognizes the need to educate professionals and families on navigating the complexities of long-term care. By convening experts, the publication covers crucial topics like choosing providers, understanding Medicare/Medicaid, and planning for future care needs.

An Indispensable Industry Guide

With over 25 years of experience, The Rowan Report stands as an indispensable guide for the home care industry as it braces for the challenges and opportunities of an aging America. Access their insights at or by contacting Kristin Rowan at 719-963-0500.

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