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Aging Gracefully in Arizona with Jaime Roberts and Leading Age

Written by: Lauren Strait

Advocating for Dignity in Aging Services

On a recent episode of the “Health Futures” radio show and podcast, host Bob Roth welcomed his good friend Jaime Roberts, CEO of Arizona Leading Age, to discuss how her organization supports older adults and helps them age with grace and dignity in our state.

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What is Arizona Leading Age?

Arizona Leading Age is an association representing non-profit and mission-based organizations that provide services across the full continuum of aging – from independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, hospice, home care and more. As Jaime explained, their focus is on advocacy, education, networking and bringing the aging services community together with a shared mission-driven purpose of celebrating and honoring our elders.

The Annual Leading Age Conference

One of the key ways Leading Age supports this mission is through their annual conference, happening May 15-17th this year at the WeKoPa Resort. The conference, with the theme of “LEAD” (Leadership, Education, Advocacy, Development) will feature over 44 educational sessions on topics like smart technology for caregiving, proper breathing techniques, solutions for families and providers, and more.

The Rewarding Nature of Aging Services

Jaime emphasized that working in aging services, whether at a community or in home care, provides incredibly rewarding opportunities to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives every single day. The older adults being served have lived rich lives and have incredible stories – aging services professionals get to play a vital role in that final life chapter.

The Need for Advocacy and Planning

She also stressed the importance of reframing how we think about and plan for long-term care needs, noting that many are “flabbergasted” to learn Medicare and other government programs don’t actually cover these costs. Proper advocacy and common sense solutions are needed to address the workforce challenges and prepare for the “loneliness pandemic” facing our rapidly growing older population.

A Model for Graceful Aging

With passion and vision, Jaime Roberts and Leading Age Arizona are paving the way for our state to become a model for how to help all people age gracefully with dignity and purpose. The “Health Futures” interview highlighted the amazing work they do.

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