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Things You Should Know

Avoiding Pitfalls

If your loved one needs care and you need relief, it is tempting to hire a caregiver yourself to reduce costs and implement a care plan as soon as possible. You might end up with an excellent, skilled, compassionate individual who comes to the rescue (like Mary Poppins), but it’s more likely you will be interviewing from a large pool of candidates you don’t have the resources to evaluate adequately. Additionally, there are hidden costs to hiring a private caregiver because you are then subject to the responsibilities of an employer instead of the rights of a client. You would never intentionally put you or your loved ones at risk, but experience has taught us the value of hiring an agency to provide you with a caregiver.

Avoid Tax Penalties

Using an agency that acts as an employer so that they, not you, are subject to IRS audits.

Avoid Abuse And Neglect

Using an agency that performs rigorous screening before hiring, and provides thorough training and oversight after hiring.

Avoid Liability

Using an agency that will be responsible for worker’s comp in the event of medical expenses or disability payments.

Avoid Damages And Theft

Making sure employees are insured and bonded to cover the cost of property damage or loss due to accidents or theft.


Before You Choose Home Care

Home care appeals to individuals and their family members because clients are able to remain in familiar, meaningful surroundings instead of relocating to assisted living or hospice centers. Many companies offer home care service, and choosing one to entrust with your loved one’s care and personal property is understandably daunting. It’s important to ask the right questions before hiring an agency. Use these resources to guide your decision:

PDF Handouts

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Home Care Agency

Download PDF

100 Ways To Love A Person With Dementia And Love Yourself

Download PDF

Agency Vs. Registry

Download PDF

Adjusting to the Holidays

Download PDF

Cypress Difference

Download PDF

Communicating With A Person With Dementia

Download PDF

Community Support and Education

Download PDF

Dementia Brain

Download PDF

Dementia Family Support and Education

Download PDF

Home Care Vs. Home Healthcare

Download PDF

How To Love Your Brain

Download PDF

Memory And Aging – What’s Normal And What’s Not

Download PDF

Safe Home Care Coalition Fact Sheet

Download PDF

The Stress Of Caregiving

Download PDF

Understanding the Distressing Behaviors of Dementia

Download PDF

Early Signs Checklist

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