Convincing a Loved One to Accept a Caregiver into Their Home

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The number one way to convince your loved one to accept a professional caregiver into their home is to involve them in the process.  For many seniors, it can be hard to admit that they need help when they have spent a lifetime creating their independence.  The best way to begin is to remind your loved one of all the things they will continue to do independently, regardless of whether a caregiver is with them or not.  These things may range from brushing their teeth to preparing their own meals, and will reinforce everyday strengths that your loved one will see as routine.

Get a clear idea as to the traits you and your loved one are looking for in a caregiver, talk openly and listen to your loved one’s wants and needs carefully.  For example, if your mother or father has rheumatoid arthritis, you should be looking for a caregiver who is able to assist with walking or climbing stairs.  Ask your loved one what specific qualities they are looking for in a companion, things such as good sense of humor or being dog-friendly.  Make the process enjoyable.

When you speak with the care giving representative ask a lot of questions.  Good things to ask are how quickly services can be provided, scheduling, and caregiver credentials.  Everyone needs to be in agreement on expectations and level of assistance being provided. If you sense some resistance it may not be a bad idea to have a family meeting.  The overall feeling of the meeting should make your loved one feel comfortable and at ease. Patience is the key element throughout this process, and things need to move at a comfortable pace for everyone involved.  Your feedback is appreciated; share your stories and additional tips.

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