23rd Annual Caring Awards

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Val J. Halamanders, Founder of the Caring Institute shown in this 1997 photo with Mother Teresa who inspired him to create of the Caring Institute in 1985.

Mother Teresa put it best…”there is joy in transcending self in order to serve others.” Mother Teresa was the very personification of caring — a word she defined as “love in action.” She started a religious order devoted to care for the sick and dying with the goal of caring for them wherever they called home. For the past 25 years, the Caring Institute has searched out the world’s most caring people and elevated them as role models to be emulated by others.

This month 9 inspiring adults and 6 remarkable young children were inducted into the Caring Hall of Fame and each embodies the high ideals that Mother Teresa left behind. The Caring Hall of Fame is a museum on Capitol Hill, located in Washington DC. Visitors can see portraits of the Caring Award winners and read their biographies. In light of our recent economy it could seem easy to turn our cheek the other way and give up on our beliefs to help others in need; but these extraordinary individuals have not given up hope and each has shown remarkable vigilance in the fight to rebuild lives.

One person truly can make a difference. The word “caring” implies empathy, sensitivity, and placing the welfare of others before self. It involves community service and community cooperation. Giving back is a powerful way to not only help others, but also to grant many individuals a second chance at life.

Mother Teresa’s centennial celebration has begun! NAHC and the nonprofit Caring Institute have carried out numerous efforts to honor and celebrate the centennial of Mother Teresa. August 26th, 2010 marks not the end but the beginning of those efforts as displayed by an online “Caring Clock” that has marked the days, hours and minutes until her 100th birthday, which has now been reset to count off her centennial year celebration.

Learn more about the 23rd Annual Caring Award recipients here.


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