Why Hire a Caregiver through an Agency

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

When it comes to home care for a member of your family, you question everything. You know your family will need help when an aging relative decides to remain at home. What type of help will you need? Does your situation require a live-in caregiver? How can you be sure what you need? Before deciding on a home care agency, make sure you have ALL the facts.

Contacting Cypress HomeCare Solutions will help answer those questions, including the most important one — will my loved one be well cared for and his or her quality of life maintained in a safe, affordable and convenient manner?

A few common questions to ask when considering an agency are:

– Is the agency bonded and insured?
– What are the hiring standards for the agency? What type of background check does the agency perform on caregivers?
– Does the agency have someone on call 24 hours a day/seven days a week?
– Are the caregiver’s citizens or legal residents of the United States?

Once you choose home care for an aging loved one, you must decide the type of care you prefer – an agency or independent caregiver. The pro’s of going with an agency are they assume full responsibilities for worker taxes, benefits, insurance and full liability for all care, provide trained & experienced caregivers ready to work on short notice who are pre-screened (complete background check and reference check). Another great advantage of going with an agency is the ongoing training that is provided by the agency for caregivers and many times for family caregivers as well. Peace of mind is also important; in the event that a caregiver is sick or unable to make it to a Client’s home, the agency will have a back-up system in place if necessary.

By going outside of an agency and using an independent caregiver you are now responsible for performing all pre-screening such as performing background checks and reference verification. There is liability for care and potentially worker taxes. Also note, there is no back-up system in place should the caregiver be unable to work.

Cypress HomeCare Solutions is proud to offer trained, professional and bonded caregivers. Cypress is proud to be one of the only homecare agencies providing quality in-house training in the Joan S. Roth Caregiver Training Lab. We invest significant time and attention on screening, training, and supervising our caregivers to ensure we provide the best care.

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