The Luck of the Irish to You and Yours

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

On March 17, people will continue a long tradition of celebrating a culture rooted deeply in family and culture. While not everyone will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year in the “traditional” sense, there’s no reason not to take a look at some of the things that this country has given us through the years.

Things to do this St. Patrick’s Day:
  • Brush up on your Irish cooking with some corned beef and cabbage.
  • Watch a movie from The Chronicles of Narnia, based on the books written by Irish born C.S. Lewis.
  • Read something from George Bernard Shaw or Jonathan Swift, both Irish writers.
  • Have a few friends over for a glass of Guinness.
  • Wear blue and let your friends know that is was the color originally associated with St. Patrick; green became associated during the 19th century
  • Enjoy the time with your family. In the beginning, St. Patty’s Day was a religious holiday, along with Christmas and Easter.

If there is anything that caregivers and the Irish have in common it is their love and loyalty to their friends and family, which is perhaps a lesson from which we all could take a cue. This year, take a moment to connect with your friends and family and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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