Finding Your Roots

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

As spring approaches, nature puts on her show of flowers and trees blooming across the Valley, promising new life and fresh starts. At Cypress, we are reminded that each and every tree that blooms on the horizon has worked its way to establish its roots.

Discovering the intricacies of a family tree is a luxury not afforded to everyone. However, the people we care for happen to be best source that one could ask for in unearthing your family’s past. Even if that person is not a direct relation, there are always stories to be told and memories to behold.

Take the time to sit down with your friend or family member to explore the roots they have established. Go over photos or your own family tree to find out where they came from, what they have done and who they have met. You might find out some very interesting information. Even elders dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s can benefit from reviewing pictures and stories that might be more real to them than the present.

Simply put, the people that we care for have come before us, which is largely the reason that we care for them today. They are the only reason that we are here today. This spring, you might find that discovering where you came from just might help you decide where you will go in the future.

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