No Matter How Long the Winter, Spring Is Sure To Follow

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Spring is a magical time that brings flowers, Easter, rain and…cleaning. While maybe not the most glamorous side of spring, cleaning is one of the most necessary. Winter is a time when people tend to stay indoors and, especially during Christmas, collect stuff. But for seniors, collecting should be to a minimum. Clutter can create a constant low-grade stress and subtly but steadily drain energy.
A few items and tips:

  • Check the medicine cabinet: make sure there are no expired over the counter drugs or unused drugs.
  • Replace the batteries: Check the smoke alarms and the carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Remove clutter: Magazines, newspapers, unnecessary furniture and unused items can lead to risk of falls.
  • Put the winter clothes away: They will just take up space and collect dust. It’ll be 6 months before you use them again.
  • Check the fridge: Throw away any expired items or leftover food that just shouldn’t be there.

Cleaning can give the sense of accomplishment and purpose and can be good exercise. Most people know the benefits of cleanliness; it’s the motivation that is the hard part. Find a buddy to hold you or your loved one accountable, set a date and even include a reward when you are done. A bottle of wine, dinner out or even just a trip down to Cold Stone Creamery — this year, make cleaning something to look forward to.

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