Help From an Unlikely Source

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

When you think about caregiving, there are a lot of things that come to mind. Finances, schedules, mediations… the list is probably endless. What you don’t think about is one of your greatest resources that are closest to you.

Grandchildren have always seemed to have a magical bond with their grandparents. No one really knows why and many could speculate the reasons. But the real magic lays in the connection between the young and the old on a level that the rest of us don’t seem to understand. The discovery of history for the young and the future for the old is a precious gift that has been passed down through the generations knowingly or not.

One thing you might find is the extra time that you can give yourself by allowing these generations to connect. Children and their grandparents can share activities that would require extra time for the caregiver, but to them, it’s a wonderful way to get to know each other.

Movies — Introducing the younger generation to classical movies is a wonderful way to see how life was portrayed back in the day. And cartoons today are just as entertaining for adults as kids.

Reading to each other — Your kids might be at the age where they still love to be read to or they might want to show their skills as they learn to read themselves.

Puzzles and games — One of the most simple and honest ways to keep a mind sharp and interactive, for the young and old.

This is the time that you might find that you have 30 minutes to an hour to pay bills, cook dinner or even read a magazine. All in all, while dealing with the stress of caring for your elders, just don’t forget to include the people who just know them as “Grandma or Grandpa.”

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