The Cost of Giving More

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

They say that a penny saved is a penny earned. It is also true that a penny not accounted for is a penny lost. All across America, it seems to be happening more where people are helping where and when they can, but are not receiving anything for their time. This certainly points out the integrity of the people who find themselves in this position, and we applaud their values. What isn’t pointed out, however, is the financial strain that this can put on a family. Obviously, any time spent as a volunteer caregiver, is time they could be at a job in order to support their family.

According to an article from, “in 2009 about 42.1 million caregivers helped an elderly person with daily activities like bathing or going to a doctor’s appointment. At $11.16 an hour and 18.4 hours a week, the estimated value of that care is $450 billion, up from $375 million in 2007. That’s far more than Medicaid spending, which totaled $361 billion in 2009.”

In short, we suggest that it could be more beneficial to find an affordable home care service in order to free your time to be used more wisely, than it is to try and do it yourself and find your household overly stressed. Home care is like any professional service and should be treated as such. You could try and do your own plumbing as well, but chances are you are going to spend more money and might not be as satisfied with the end product.

Give Cypress HomeCare Solutions a chance to see if we can provide the care you need, while providing a way for you to be able to care for your family. At the very least let us help you by sharing the Caregiving so that you can more attentive to your family’s needs.

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