Hello Spring, Goodbye Clutter

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Can you believe spring is here? With the weather starting to improve, it’s the perfect time of year to open the shutters and enjoy the fresh air. There’s just one catch — you’ve collected a few odds and ends over the winter months and now your home has more than its fair share of “stuff” lying around. It may be time for some spring cleaning.

For seniors in particular, clutter around the home can pose a real safety danger. Piles of magazines, books and other household items can create a tripping hazard, and expired medications can lead to serious health complications. Also, the feelings of stress associated with coming home to an untidy kitchen, living room or bedroom can generate anxiety and can drain your energy.

To help curb safety and stress hazards, here are a few tips for effective spring cleaning:

  • Check the medicine cabinet — Make sure there are no expired over-the-counter drugs or unused drugs
  • Replace batteries — Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Remove clutter — Magazines, newspapers, unnecessary furniture and unused items can lead to preventable falls
  • Put away winter clothes — They just take up space and collect dust, and it will be six months before you use them again.
  • Check the fridge — Throw away expired items or leftover food.
  • Streamline possessions — As we get older, the amount of “stuff” we accumulate only grows. Reassess what is really needed, and repurpose items to friends, family or a local thrift store.

Cleaning can be an extremely rewarding experience, and is even a good source of exercise. Perhaps the biggest struggle in cleaning and organizing is finding enough motivation to get the job done. One way to combat procrastination is to set a date and find someone to hold you accountable.  Going out for dinner, treating yourself to ice cream or even catching a spring training baseball game can all be great rewards to help you get to the end of the cleaning tunnel. Just remember — you will feel much better heading into summer with a clean and tidy house, not to mention a sense of accomplishment.

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