Signs to Look For Over This Coming Holiday Weekend

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

During this time of year, while visiting family for the holidays, you will find yourself spending more time with Mom and Dad than you normally do. Through this experience, you may come to the realization that your aging loved one needs a little extra help at home. You are now seeing changes up front and personal. So what are some things you should look for when determining if your parent needs the help of a caregiver?

Here are 10 signs they may need assistance:

  1. Not paying household bills on time
  2. Not recognizing the need for arranging or scheduling necessary household repairs and maintenance, like mowing the lawn
  3. Driving safely becomes an issue, with increases in traffic tickets and accidents
  4. Missing meals or not preparing meals, as well as old expired food in the fridge
  5. Declining personal hygiene i.e. poor oral hygiene, body odor, unshaven
  6. Lack of keeping up with household chores like laundry and cleaning
  7. Losing track of medications, missing doses and overdosing
  8. Unwillingness to leave the house to run errands or visit with friends
  9. Unable to get up and down steps; dizziness and falls have occurred
  10. Not making sound decisions that are likely to cause self harm or danger to others i.e. leaving the stove turned on

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