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Cypress Interviewed as BBB Finalist

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The BBB Business Ethics Awards are right around the corner, and as a finalist, Cypress HomeCare Solutions Managing Partner Bob Roth was recently interviewed as part of the selection process.

As Bob discusses in the video below, receiving this award would not just be an honor for Cypress but for the Arizona home care industry as a whole. We are humbled to be recognized among the most ethical businesses in our state, and we see this as an opportunity to represent the good work our fellow home care companies are doing each and every day. Most importantly, we are thrilled to be able to highlight to a broader audience the compassion and care our caregivers show and give to our clients on a daily basis. These caring individuals allow us to provide exceptional care for aging adults and their families in our community, and they deserve a large part of this esteemed recognition.

The winners of this prestigious award will be announced this Thursday at the awards dinner, where all 15 finalists from the five different categories will be in attendance. We look forward to this event and the opportunity to meet other highly ethical businesses in our state.

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