Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Bathrooms can be accidents waiting to happen especially for the elderly. Bathrooms with slippery surfaces and tubs or showers proving difficult to get in and out of, pose a high risk of slips and falls to an elderly person. However, Cypress HomeCare suggests taking preventative measures such as making small changes to the home to meet the needs of an elderly person. These changes can help reduce the likelihood of falls and help aging loved ones maintain their independence.

Review the list below to see what additions can add to bathroom safety:

  • Grab Bars: Most people tend to rely on unsafe support (i.e. towel rack) when getting in and out of the shower or tub. Instead of using something that wasn’t meant to support weight, install sturdy support by placing institutional-grade grab bars in easy to reach places.
  • Non-Skid Mats: Placing a non-slip mat inside and outside of the tub or shower will add traction and keep water from causing a fall.
  • Transfer Bench: Allows the bather to slide into the bath from the bench. All tub seats and benches must have non-slip rubber tips to be safe.
  • Raised toilet seat and grab bar: If an elderly person has trouble lowering themselves down to sit on a toilet or getting back to a standing position safely, a raised toilet and well-positioned grab bar can help prevent falls.
  • Arizona Home Care: For those individuals who experience dizziness or are easily fatigued, it is important to consider assisted in home care in Phoenix. Taking extra precaution and having a senior caregiver in Phoenix nearby to assist if needed will greatly reduce the risk of falls.

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