Proper Nutrition for Seniors

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Getting proper nutrition from our diets is important at any age. But physical limitations and lingering health issues can inhibit older adults from maintaining a balanced diet and receiving these vital nutrients. In fact, malnutrition occurs in 15 to 50 percent of the aging population. If you are a senior caregiver in Phoenix, there are steps you can take to make sure your clients maintain good nutrition as they age.

There are various reasons for poor nutrition in the elderly. Understanding theses causes is the first step homecare services in Phoenix need to combat this epidemic.

  • Decrease in sensitivity: A decline in the senses of smell and taste may cause a person’s appetite to lessen.
  • Side effects of medication: Certain medications side effects can suppress one’s appetite.
  • Bad dental health: Dental issues including dentures, jaw pain and mouth wounds can make eating much more difficult for the elderly.

While there can be a lot of barriers for seniors trying to maintain a healthy diet, homecare services in Phoenix can use these practical tips to assist their clients:

  • Enhance appearance of foods: Food that looks appealing can often help stimulate an appetite especially for those whose senses are declining.
  • Meals as social gatherings: Often seniors who live alone can fall victim to depression and may no longer feel like cooking meals just for one. By making meal time a social event, they may become more interested in food.
  • Nutrient dense snacks: Many older adults can’t handle eating large meals three times a day. By encouraging smaller, more frequent snacks throughout the day that are full of fruits, vegetables and proteins you can enhance their nutrient intake.
  • Resolve dental issues: Taking care of ill-fitting dentures and properly managing jaw pain and cavity development can go a long way in making food seem more appetizing.

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