Coping Tips when Caring for a Loved One with Parkinson’s Disease

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic movement disorder that worsens over time.  A multi-disciplinary approach involving medication, surgery and affordable homecare in Phoenix can help those diagnosed effectively manage their symptoms.

Parkinson’s disease can vary from day to day. At times, a person may be able to function normally while other times the disease can leave a person incapable of ordinary movement control. Because of this, many caregivers choose to hire an Arizona home care agency, such as Cypress HomeCare, to assist in the care of their loved one.

The following tips offer some ideas on how you can help a loved one living with Parkinson’s from the National Parkinson Foundation:

  • Set aside time for you. To successfully take care of others, you first have to take care of yourself. Hiring an Arizona home care agency to assist you can make sure you stay a priority.
  • Educate yourself about Parkinson’s disease. This will help you understand what changes may come in your loved one’s behavior and how to best cope with the changes when they occur.
  • Allow your loved one to contribute. Do not try to do everything for your loved one. Let him or her participate in daily routines such as dressing.
  • Talk with your loved one about his or her wishes. Although topics like a living will, power of attorney and a do-not-resuscitate order are difficult to discuss, you need to be informed of your loved one’s choices.
  • Join a support group. Taking care of someone suffering with Parkinson’s is not an easy task. Support groups encourage members to talk openly and honestly about the challenges they face.

Parkinson’s disease does not just affect the person living with it–it affects the entire family. At Cypress HomeCare Solutions we sympathize with how challenging daily living with Parkinson’s can be Our Arizona home care agency provides compassionate, independent care in Phoenix and the surrounding communities. Our staff of senior caregivers is licensed, bonded, CPR and First Aid Certified. Call 602-264-8009 or contact us today to find out more about affordable home care in Phoenix.


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